About Us

The HISHIMO PHARMACEUTICALS was born 21 years back in 1982. We started manufacturing high quality disposable medical aids like I.V., S.V., B.D., B.T. sets etc. In 1984 we visualized that herbal drugs are the in-thing and they have a very bright future. So we started conceiving the drugs, which will have better potential in time to come. We started developing the formula and experimenting with them. 
Our motto is to follow old Ayurvedic scriptures, formulate products and produce them in large-scale with the help of modern technology. 
In 1992 with six unique researched products we launched ourselves in the world of Ayurved. Today we have a big range of 24 products all are very unique and are of exclusive type. 

We have 3 products as brain and nervous system tonic to tackle cerebral palsy, mental retardation to simple tension, depression & insomnia. 4 products to tone up the Gastro Intestinal Tract & cure anorexia & appetite to peptic ulcer & hyperacidity. A complete non-steroidal, non-hormonal unique uterine tonic from puberty to menopausal problems. We have tonic to increase sperm count in 30 days, tonic with Ashwagandha, tonic for Childs growth, tonic for neonates and infants. Tonic for kidney to help remove stones. Excellent rub oil for joints swelling, pain and stiffness, highest concentrated single dose liver tonic etc.

We first identify a problem/ indications and then start the tailoring of the product. We have nearly tailored the products with encouraging results:

We request for only one trial of our products to get convinced of its efficacy.