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Alternate Medicines for Health

Alternate Medicines Cures
Himovit-C Capsules General debility, anaemia, pregnancy & lactation. Provide serum Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins & Trace Elements.
Himanoxi Syrup & Capsule General debility, loss of weight weak digestion, lethargy, pregnancy and lactation, under nourishment, to promote growth in children and help regain health in all age groups. Aphrodisiac. In Cancer as adjuvent.
Balda Syrup General debility, loss of weight, weak digestion, under nourishment, to promote growth in children.
F2A Protein Powder F2A is a complete food supplement, will increase strength & power, give energy & feeling of well being. F2A is natural anti-oxidant.

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