Balda Syrup

Balda Syrup

Balda is an alternate ( ayurveda ) drug for health, vigour and vitality.
Indications : General debility, loss of weight weak digestion, lethargy, pregnancy and lactation, under nourishment, to promote growth in children and help regain health in all age groups. Aphrodisiac. In Cancer as adjuvent.
Dose : 10 ml. B.I.D or 5 ml. T.I.D / 2 or 3 capsules OD or BD.

Salient Features

  • Balda ia most economical natural tonic. The only tonic to provide unknown factors aswell.
  • Balda is preventive & imunomodulatory, hence increase the resistance.
  • Balda must be given in pregnancy for healthier progeny & to children for growth.
  • Apple, Grapes, Trapa natans are rich source of iron, vit.c, protein, carbohydrate, calcium, trace elements, B-complex & unknown factors. They are in naturals form so are better absorbed & accepted by the body.
  • In pregnancy & lactation, Balda is a good suppliment for protein, calcium, vit-c, carbohydrate & trace elements & unknown factors.
  • Ashwagandha is anabolic & adaptogenic, tones up muscles & nervous system, rejuventes the human body & mind.
  • Ashwagandha increases W.B.C. & bone marrow cells count significantly after radiation therapy. So must be used in cancer patients & depression of bone marrow.
  • Ashwagandha increases serum Zn, Fe & Cu levels.
  • As an aphrodisiac use 10ml. Balda B.I.D. with hot milk. For sure result one must abstain for 1 month & take 1 cap. O.D. or B.I.D. Susdeyy or Sirin.
  • For immediate aphrodisiac effect use Balda 40 or 50 ml. with hot milk.
  • Balda 5 ml. provides 350 mg. Ashwagandha, 250 mg. Black Grape 300 mg. Singhara, 350 mg Apple extract in only Rs.1.30.

Indication :

Genral debility, loss of weight, weak digestion, lethargy, pragnancy & lactation, under-nourishment, to promote growth in children & to help regain health in all age goups. Aphrodisiac. In Cancer as adjuvent.

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