Herbal Dental Care Medicine

Herbal Dental Care Medicine

The popular 2TH Powder is the herbal dental care medicine manufactured by Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. The company is also engaged in the business of supplying and exporting of dental care medicine. The herbs used in the processing makes the medicine highly effective in making mouth germs free, remove foul odor, give freshness feel, dental decay and prevent hot & cold sensation. Additionally, the formulation also prescribed to cure bleeding, pus, infection, and inflammation & pain. The medicine also tightens & strengthens the gum and its hold on tooth. 

We offer 2TH, Herbal Denture Powder for the patients dealing with oral issues. You can find more about its benefits and dosage related details by clicking on the tab below.

Know More About 2TH POWDER

Herbal Dental Care Medicine is widely available in the form of the powder or gel. It is considered as a brilliant cure for various diseases like tooth decay, hot and cold sensation, bleeding and foul smell. These are manufactured using the leaves, stems, roots of herbs like neem, babool and various other rare specious of plants.

These ingredients provide strength to the nerves and help in the tightening of the gums. Additionally also these ingredients help in preventing the growth of the germs that initiate tooth decay. The herbal tooth powder is very effective in curing the sensation. It provides enough strength to the gum and tooth so that they don’t get affected by this. There are several reasons to use these medicines. The most important is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical. The second reason why to use this is that it is manufactured using naturally occurring substances so it doesn’t have any side effect. The third reason is that it provides instant relief to pain in gums etc.


  • Contain natural herbs
  • Very effective
  • Provide relief from pain
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Prevent foul odor

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We are looking exporting of Herbal Dental Care Medicine .

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