Herbal Health Medicine

Herbal Health Medicine

Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name amidst the leading herbal health medicine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters from India. The medicine is popular as ‘Balda’ in domestic and international market. In the manufacturing of the medicine, natural herbs are used, which make the medicine highly effective in increasing resistance power, Flatulance growth & development, constipation, digestion, health and appetite. The herbal health medicine is also prescribed for general debility, weak digestion, loss of weight, under nourishment, thumb sucking, to promote growth in children, bed wetting, other behavioral disorders of children, and delayed milestone. The herbs are also found effective in treating heaviness in head due to studies, improving general mental ability, improving memory, and to sharpen intellect.

Balda Syrup is the most recommended herbal health medicines that have great effects on healing problems related to stomach, weakness, unexplained weight loss etc. You can experience all its positive results by having it in adequate quantity as required. And to know about that, you can click on the tab below as it has all the information about its dosage and salient features.

Know More About BALDA

Herbal Health Medicine is the best to use when you are affected from the below health standard. It is widely used to improve the health standard by providing effective nourishment to the body cells. These medicines are perfect to improve the resistance power of the body. The ingredients used in these medicines can easily enhance the immunity of the defense mechanism of the body, thus keep you away from diseases.

These are manufactured using naturally occurring substances. The manufacturers use plant’s leaves, stems and roots to prepare these medicines. In addition to this, they also use mineral oil, vitamin supplement and fruits. The main effect of these medicines is that these improve the blood circulation through the nerves which eventually result in the proper nourishment of the body. Additionally, these medicines also remove the toxins of the body. The overall impact of these medicines is the improved health standards.


  • Manufactured using naturally occurring substances
  • Contain no chemical
  • No side effect
  • Highly effective in curing several diseases
  • Timely results

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