Herbal Liver Medicine

Herbal Liver Medicine

Hishimo pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is reckoned as one of the dependable Herbal Liver Medicine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India. The medicine is prepared from herbs, using the most traditional method. The medicine is used for its efficacy in removing and further preventing formation of stones in kidney and urine system. The liver capsules and tonic are also found effective in treating ailments such as viral hepatitis, catarrhal jaundice, hepeto-cellular damage, cirrhosis of liver, flatulence and indigestion. Prevention and correction of hepatic damage due to drugs, antibiotics, chemicals & alcohol, together with stimulated appetite and growth is also assured. Moreover, the medicine is also prescribed as liver corrector, protector, and rejuvenator.

Hepeto Caps Are Used To Combat The Complications Of Liver Diseases:

Complications associated with liver diseases can vary patient to patient and needs to be treated before it becomes life-threatening. If you have any doubt about the capsules or their dosage, you click on the link below and experience all its effective results.

Know More About HEPETO

The liver is the principal organ responsible for expelling and breaking down toxins entering the body. This important organ produces bile, a detoxifying agent metabolically indispensable in breaking down fats from food. The prospering functioning of liver is indispensable for the smooth functioning of the body. We are one of the prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality Herbal Liver Medicines that are helpful in liver cleansing and digestive system support. We formulate these medicines using herbal extracts that are procured by our experts after stringent tests. Our organization lays great emphasis on packing. Only food grade packing material is used to facilitate longer shelf life.

This medicine contains very effective herbs that help in the purification of the body. These naturally occurring ingredients removes the toxics substances from the body. There are several advantages that are associated with these medicines. The primary is that there is no harmful chemical present in this medicine. The second is that it doesn’t have any side effect as it is manufactured using naturally occurring ingredients.


  • No adverse effect
  • Free from chemicals
  • Excellent curing power
  • Zero habit forming

We are looking exporting of Herbal Liver Medicine .

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