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Why Aurved ( Ayurveda )

Aurved ( Ayurveda )
The science of health, happiness and prosperity and life.

As per Aurved ( Ayurveda ) & the Indian Philosophy the universe is made of 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air & sky known as PANCH MAHABHOOT. All living beings are made of these five elements only. The Vat, Pitt & Cuf are the three principles, responsible for all the diseases are also made of the five elements and the things treating these are also made of these 5 elements. These five elements balance the action of each other either by supporting or by controlling the action of one another. Few of the principles of Aurved ( Ayurveda ) as per CHARAK are :

» Swsthsy Swasthy SanRkshna, Atursy Vikar Prshmnmch !
To maintain health of a healthy man and to eliminate the disease of the diseased man.

» Rogastu Dosh Vaishmmyam, Dosh Samym Aarogyata !
Disease is the imbalance in proportion of basic five elements
( PANCH MAHABHOOT ) and their balanced proportion is health.

» Vayu Pittam Kaphh Cheti, Tryodoshah Smasth !
In brief Vayu, Pitt and Cuf are the three factors causing disease in the body.

» Tadeav Yuktam Bheshjyyam Yda Rogyay Kalpate !
The right Medicine is that which eliminates the disease

» Prayogh Shmyaid Vyadhe Yo Nymnymudiryait !
Noa So Vishudhh Shudhst Shmyait Yo Na Kopyaid !!
The drug which relieves the disease after use but also produces the symptoms of other disease is not an ideal drug. The ideal drug is that which relieves the disease and do not produce the symptoms of other disease

Why aurved? ( Ayurveda )

The herbal drugs ( alternative medicines )correct the imbalance of five elements (PANCH MAHABHOOT), establishing harmony, thus eliminating the root cause of the diseases & restoring health.

The Allopathic drugs are mostly synthetic chemicals or chemicals or the active ingredients isolated from plant or animals, they do not have the naturally occurring all the five elements (PANCH MAHABHOOT). Hence they generate side effects. It is sure that lot of action, reaction and counter action takes place before signs of disease appear. The allopathic drug try to remove or block the visible sign & symptoms only whereas Aurvedic drug (alternative medicines ) will normalize the action, reaction & counter actions i.e. correct the balance of five basic elements, restore back the body’s original position. The Aurvedic drug removes the root cause of the disease & cures the man suffering from disease without generating any side effects. Aurved is the only medical science, which has herbs to help in the maintenance of the health as well while Allopathy has provisions for the disease only.

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