Lutropep Syrup and Capsule

Lutropep Syrup and Capsule

Lutropep is a alternative(ayurved) medicine known as Powerful Uterine Toner
Indications : Leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, D.U.B., P.M.S., oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, viginitis, uterus involution, oophritis, menopause, infertility, low backache, debility & weakness, hypothyroidism.

15 ml. or 2 caps. T.D.S. for 2 days, then 15 ml. or 2 caps. B.D. In D.U.B. 20 ml. or 2 caps. T.D.S. for 2 days then 15 ml. or 2 caps. B.D. In P.M.S. 15 ml. or 2 caps. B.D. from one day before P.M.S. starts till periods are over.

Salient Features

  • Lutropep is 3 to 5 times more concentrated than others so better but economical.
  • Lutropep relieve pain & spasm, relaxes muscles, checks bleeding & reduces tension.
  • Lutropep contains Ashwagandha 200 mg. to give calm & peace & tone the uterine muscles.
  • Lutropep is very effective in non specific infertility.
  • In P.M.S. (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) Lutropep alone will give immediate relief. No need of anxioletic & anti depressants.
  • In D.U.B. No need of hormones & hemostat. Lutropep contains three powerful hemostat Symplocos racemosa, Ficus glamerata & Asparagus rasemosa 1.4 gms/dose to check bleeding, restore hormonal balance. Lutropep will help prevent histactomy due to D.U.B. in majority of cases.
  • Lutropep is a tonic for weak & emaciated lady give for 3 months. The lady will gain weight, look prettier, her periods will be regulated & will enjoy sex.
  • Lutropep normalizes the hormonal balance. It is much better choice then HRT in menopause.
  • Lutropep will stabilize or may even reduce the weight gain in ladies due to menopause or hypothyroidism.

Important :
In most of the problems give Lutropep for at least 3 months. Start it from any day except PMS.

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