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Hishimo Charitable Trust
Ayurved & Yog Research Rehabilitation Center

The more we move away from the nature or fiddle with nature more serious problems we create for ourselves, THE TREND all over the world is to search for solace, health & happiness in the Mother Nature's lap. Our goal is to create a place to solve the physical, mental & spiritual problems of children, men and women young or old under one roof.

You are aware today there is a growing incidence of :-

1. Nervous System related problems like behavioral problems of children & aged, Cerebral palsy, loss of speech & hearing, learning difficulties, tension, depression, suicidal tendencies etc.
2. Heart and B.P. problems.
3. Problems of Digestive system.
4. Joint & Back Pain & Swelling.
5. Problem of respiratory system including that of allergy, cough and cold.
6. Problems of sex.

The allopathy have almost no permanent cure for most of the problems, on the contrary the long term use of the allopathic drugs lead to if not more equally serious, side effects. So one in doomed either way. Where as Ayurved, Yog, Meditation etc can tackle almost every problem being faced by the man kind in a better side effects free way.

Keeping the above facts in view we plan to open a AYURVED AND YOG RESEARCH REHABILITATION CENTER to cure and rehabilitate the children, women & men young or old those who are suffering & to help maintain the health of those who are healthy. The Ayurved is the only science which can help even a healthy man to maintain his health with the help of the following:

1. Ayurved
2. Panch Karma
3. Yog
4. Meditation
5. Accra Pressure
6. Acua Puncture
7. Physiotherapy
8. Vocational Training
9. Psychotherapy
A well equipped laboratory will also be established to monitor the progress of each individual.

1. Dormitory 2. Private room 3. Deluxe Room
4. Super Deluxe Room

We have requested JDA to allot us, at central place in Jaipur, 10 to 20 thousand Sq. mtr. Land. We also solicit your help in gettint the land allotted from JDA at the earliest. Social Welfare dept. has already given its consent to JDA.

To upgrade this institution to and AYURVEDIC VISHVAVIDYALAYA. Where besides ayurvedic graduate & P.G. courses we will also have a short term course for MBBS Dr. & award them bachelors Ayurved degree. It will help them to understand ayurvedic concept of health and diseases fot her benefit of mankind.


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Camp organised by Hishimo

Camp organised by Hishimo

Camp organised by Hishimo
Camp organised by Hishimo

Camp organised by Hishimo
Camp organised by Hishimo

Camp organised by Hishimo
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