Sushdeyy Capsule

Sushdeyy Capsule

Sukh Shanti Deyy is the main aim of Sushdeyy which is an alternative (Ayurved) medicine for any problems related with nerves.
Indications : Cerebral palsy with muscular stiffness & spasm, seizures, convulsion, epilepsy, hysteria, schizophrenia, demention, sciatica, muscular stiffness, spasm, temporary disability, parkinsonism, mongolism, addiction, as adjuvant with all anti-epileptic, anti-convulsant drug to prevent loss of memory, high B.P. 

Dose : 1 or 2 caps. B.D. to Q.I.D. Addiction: 2 caps. B.D. to Q.I.D. once the patient is de-addicted maintain him/her on same dose for 1 week for Medical Drug Addicts & 1 month for Non-Medical Drugs Addicts, then taper Sushdeyy slowly, maintain on H.S. then SOS.

Salient Features

  • Sushdeyy has world’s highest concentration of Ustakhudus, jatamansi, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi & other herbs, total 27 gms / cap.
  • Sushdeyy is very powerful muscular stiffness reducer i.e. muscles relaxant
  • Sushdeyy is also very powerful anticonvulsive. It is very effective in epilepsy, seizures & in checking spasm.
  • Sushdeyy is ideal substitute, of Corbamazepine, Phengtein Sodium, Benzodiazapine, Barbiturates, Gaba Analogus & Sodium Valporate etc. , free from side effcts.
  • Sushdeyy is ideal de-addicting agent. No hospitalisation required.
  • Sushdeyy is Hypotensive, so good for high B.P. patients, no need of anti-depressant or anxioletic drugs.
  • Sushdeyy will help cure senile dementia & sympathetic hyper activity.
  • Sushdeyy will help calm down violent, over talkative, agitated insomanic’s.
  • With Sushdeyy there is no contraindication, no incompatibility, no drowsiness, no addiction, no loss of libido, no toxicity & is safe in pregnancy.

Important : Always start Sushdeyy , 1 cap. B.D. , increase the dose by 1 Cap. every 4th day.

Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is reckoned as one of the most staggering Manufacturers,Suppliers and Exporters of Sushdeyy Capsule. The Sushdeyy Capsule is manufactured using natural herbs and processed suing traditional methods. The effectiveness and zero side­effects are a few attributes that make the Sushdeyy Capsule highly popular in India and various other regions of the world. The Sushdeyy Capsule is also packed conventionally to avoid contact with adulterants and provide protection against the changing climatic conditions. The buyers are also eased with the availability of the Sushdeyy Capsule at market leading prices and within the specific timeframe.The company has also acquired huge clientele  for Manufacturing, Supply and Exporting Sushdeyy Capsule.

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