Censton F Syrup

Censton F Syrup

Censton F is an alternate ( ayurveda ) medicine for curing any of the problem related with Central Nervous System ( C N S ).

(A) Enuresis, bruxism, thumb sucking, attention deficit & hyper kinetic syndrome, delayed milestone & other behavioral disorders of children, loss of memory. 

(B) Nervous breakdown, mental retardation, 5th, 7th, 8th cranial nerves problems, neuropathy including diabetic, neuritis, neuralgia, bell's palsy, tinnitus, hearing loss or problem, sciatica, herpes zos’ter. To reduce heaviness in head due to studies, improves memory & general mental ability & to sharpen intellect. 

Dose : (A): 5 to 10 ml. T.I.D. or 1 capsule TID.
(B): 10 to 20 ml. or 1 to 2 cap. T.I.D. or Q. I. D.

Salient Features

  • Censton-F has world’s highest concentration of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Vach, Jyotishmati and Guduchi. Total herbs concentration is 2.9 gms.
  • Censton-F is complete brain tonic, helps increase I.Q.& intelect, will relax muscles.
  • Cerebral palcy Cases will definitely show improvement with Censton-F in 3 to 6 months.
  • Censton-F helps repair & strengthen myelin sheath, cures neuralgia & neuritis. useful in herpes z’oster & small pox.
  • Censton-F is safe & very effective in behavioral problems of children, enuresis, bruxism, thumb sucking, irritability , depression & dullness etc.
  • Censton-F will reduce mental fatigue, so one concentrate for long hours on his work/studies.
  • Censton-F is nerves toner, helps prevent & cure diabetic neuropethy & other neuropathies.
  • Censton-F increases the protein synthesis of brain cells thus enhancing the registration power of brain hence increases the memory, sharpens intellect, increase concentration power. So Censton-F is very useful for students & all other who want to increase the memory
  • Censton-F is very safe from fetus to old age. Rather it will help increase the brain power.
  • Censton-F cause no drowsiness, so no loss of efficiency, no loss of wages, no rebound tension.
  • With Censton-F no contraindication, no incompatibility, no nervine toxicity, no addiction & is safe in pregnancy.

Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is reckoned as one of the most staggering Manufacturers,Suppliers and Exporters of Censton-F. The Censton-F is manufactured using natural herbs and processed suing traditional methods. The effectiveness and zero side­effects are a few attributes that make the Censton-F highly popular in India and various other regions of the world. The Censton-F is also packed conventionally to avoid contact with adulterants and provide protection against the changing climatic conditions. The buyers are also eased with the availability of the Censton-F at market leading prices and within the specific timeframe.The company has also acquired huge clientele  for Manufacturing, Supply and Exporting Censton-F.

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