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Nikvorm Syrup

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Nikvorm Syrup

Intestinal worms are common but perilous for the body and health. They can cause many symptoms and problems. Nikvorm Syrup is a herbal formula that you can have for kicking them out of your body. This syrup act as a Dewormer and helps to get rid of the problem naturally.

Indications: Expelled round/thread/hook & tapeworms, eradicates ill effects of their toxins. Pimples & other skin eruptions due to worms.



Adults: 30ml, Child upto 10 years: 15 ml, Same day morning & evening after meals.

Repeat after 7 days or as per the Dr's advice.

Salient Features:

This syrup has the ability to destroy the ill effects caused by the intestinal parasites like urticaria, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, dyspepsia etc.

This herbal formula is laxative and eject the worms easily along with cyst and ova.

The syrup is antiflatulent, antispasmodic & dyspeptic.

Also, it is palatable and one can have it without facing any problem.

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