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Censton Capsule and Syrup

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Censton Capsule and Syrup

Looking for a herbal medication that can cure the problem related to Central Nervous System? Censton Capsule and Syrup is the right herbal formula. It is based on rich Ayurveda experience and herbs which have healing properties of that particular disease.


(A) Enuresis, thumb sucking, hyper kinetic syndrome, attention deficit, delayed milestone, bruxism, & other behavioural disorders of children, loss of memory, etc.

(B) Nervous breakdown,  5th, 7th, 8th cranial nerves problems, mental retardation, neuropathy including diabetes, Bell's palsy, neuritis, neuralgia,  tinnitus, herpes zoster, hearing loss or problem, sciatica. To reduce head heaviness due to studies and promotes memory & general mental ability & to sharpen intellect.


(A): 5 to 10 ml. T.I.D. or 1 capsule TID.

(B): 10 to 20 ml. or 1 to 2 cap. T.I.D. or Q. I. D.


  • Censton-F is the herbal medicine that has the world’s highest concentration of Brahmi, Jatamansi, Jyotishmati, Shankhpushpi, Vach, and Guduchi. Total herbs concentration is 2.9 gms.
  • It is a brain tonic used for increasing I.Q.and intellect and for relaxing muscles.
  • Cerebral palsy cases can use this and experience the improvement with Censton-F in 3 to 6 months.
  • This herbal formula is also effective repairing & strengthening myelin sheath, useful in herpes zoster & smallpox, cures neuralgia & neuritis, etc.
  • Safe to use for behavioural problems of children, depression & dullness, bruxism, thumb sucking, enuresis, irritability, etc.
  • Reduce mental fatigue and promote better concentration power.
  • Prevent & cure diabetic neuropathy & other neuropathies.
  • Used to increases the protein synthesis of brain cells that enhance the registration power of the brain therefore increases the memory and increase concentration power. Can be useful for those who want to increase their memory power.
  • Safe from fetus to old age.
  • Doesn't cause drowsiness, which guarantees no loss of efficiency, no loss of wages, and no rebound tension.
  • No contraindication, no incompatibility, no nervine toxicity, no addiction with this medicine & is safe in pregnancy.
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