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Ayurvedic Medicine

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Why Ayurvedic Medicine

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We have a broad array that includes Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil, Brain Medicine, Health Medicine, Digestive Medicine, Digestive Syrup, Dental Care Medicine, Liver Medicine, Tonic, Capsule, Energy Medicine, Cholesterol Medicine, Cough Medicine, and Diabetes Medicine, etc. to make sure it delivers expected results. Ayurveda has effectiveness in happiness and prosperity and life.

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Ayurveda - The science of health, happiness and prosperity and life.

As per Ayurveda & the Indian Philosophy, a human body is made of 5 elements named as earth, water, fire, air & sky known as PANCH MAHABHOOT. The Vaat, Pitta & Kapha are the three principles, which are responsible for all the diseases and these 5 elements, mainly help to cure them by supporting or controlling the action of one another. Few of its main principles as per CHARAK are:

Swsthsy Swasthy SanRkshna, Atursy Vikar Prshmnmch!

To maintain the health of a healthy man and to eliminate the disease of the diseased man.

Rogastu Dosh Vaishmmyam, Dosh Samym Aarogyata!

Disease is the imbalance in the proportion of these five elements, and their balanced proportion is called health.

Vayu Pittam Kapham Cheti, Tryodoshah Smasth!

In brief Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are the three factors causing disease in the body.

Tadeav Yuktam Bheshjyyam Yda Rogyay Kalpate!

The right Medicine is that which eliminates the disease.

Prayogh Shmyaid Vyadhe Yo Nymnymudiryait!

Noa So Vishudhh Shudhst Shmyait Yo Na Kopyaid !!

The drug, which relieves the disease but also produces the symptoms of other disease is not an ideal drug. The ideal drug is the one which relieves the disease and does not produce the symptoms of other diseases. Ayurvedic medicines are the one which balances the Doshas and cure the disease without causing another one.

Reasons To Choose Ayurvedic Medicines Over Allopathic Medicines:

  • They are better, faster, effective and safer than the allopathic ones.
  • They cure the condition of its root and don’t be the cause of another disease.
  • It'll balance all the Doshas and ensure your better health.
  • These medicines are formulated using natural herbs and don't cause any side effects.