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F2A Protein Powder

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F2A Protein Powder

Looking for a herbal protein powder to meet the need for protein in your body without doing any harm to it? F2A Protein Powder can be the right choice. It's an Ayurvedic and Herbal formula, which is safe for any age group from Fetus 2 Aged. And this is the reason behind its name (F2A) because it defines Fetus 2 Aged.

Indications: F2A is a complete food supplement; it will increase strength & power, give energy & feeling of well being.
Dose: 2 to 4 TS per day either as it is or mixes it with milk. It helps to increase children's height 6 TS per day.

Important :

F2A is not fully soluble in water since husk has not been removed. It contains Soybean, which has the highest protein contents amongst the other veg. eatables. Also, it has Ashwagandha that promotes growth, builds immunity, helps fight against diseases, increases serum zinc, iron, copper level, bone marrow cells & WBC counts, strengthens muscles & nerves. Also, it helps to increase height in children. Soybean with Trapa natans & sugar provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements, iron, calcium, protein & carbohydrates. It is a complete food supplement that is proven to increase strength & power, give energy & feeling of well being. And top of all, it is a natural anti-oxidant.

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