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Dudhate Syrup

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Dudhate Syrup

Lactation or breastfeeding is the time when a mother needs to fulfil the need of two, her own body and baby as well that's why requires double care. It's indeed the best time but, some women experience difficulty during the period like irregularity and deficiency, which needs to be cured for the good health of mother and baby both. Dudhate is an Ayurvedic medicine that has effective results for Lactation.

Indications: Absence, deficiency or irregularity of lactation.

Dose: 10 ml. T.D.S. preferably with fruit juice, start one month before delivery.

Salient Features:

  • The syrup is a blend of herbs, which have the properties that help in galactosis i.e. milk formation.
  • It helps in galactopoiesis i.e. initiation of milk production.
  • The syrup further helps in lactogenesis i.e. stimulating the secretion of milk.
  • Dudhate is a galactagogue that helps to increase the flow of milk.
  • Lactation is stimulated within a day, but noticeable improvement occurs after 3 days.
  • It'll ease the flow of milk to help the child suck it comfortably.

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