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Sumod Rub Oil

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Sumod Rub Oil

Want to get rid of joint pain naturally? Go for Sumod Rub Oil. It's a herbal magical potion that can do wonders in joint pains. All the herbs it contains has the power to give relief against the different pains in joints. In simple words, we can say that it's the best Ayurvedic medicine for Sujan, Moch, Dard.

Indications: Musculoskeletal pain & swelling, pain in joints, backache, arthritis, gout, hematoma. Morning stiffness, muscular spasm. Dry eczema & other dry creations skin eruptions, nasal blockage & headache, herpes zoster. In Furuncular Otitis & Otitis Externa.

Dose: Take only one drop; rub gently at the affected area till oil is absorbed.

Salient Features:

  • Only 1 drop of this oil on joints & 3-4 drops on the back can help you get relief soon.
  • This is the only rub oil, which removes the cause, pressure on nerves, to relieve the pain.
  • Rub this herbal oil gently on the affected area till absorbed, and it will give soothing effects only. No burning, no irritation, no coolness.
  • It can be used even on the infant’s tender skin, it's that safe.
  • It is good for GOUT, ARTHRITIS & HEMATOMA.
  • It is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic & muscle relaxant and is proven to increase the blood flow.
  • Apply it on BRUISE & MINOR CUTS for prompt healing & to relieve swelling & pain.
  • For MORNING STIFFNESS, apply 1 drop of this oil on every joint before going to the bed.
  • Apply it on HERPES ZOSTER, dry ECZEMA, pustules of POX & dry CIRRHOSIS of SKIN to get rid of itching, swelling, pain & burning.
  • To clear NASAL BLOCKAGE, apply this oil around & below the nose, you can even use it to an infant. To relieve HEADACHE apply Sumod on the forehead or give a head massage.
  • In ENT region to reduce pain & swelling, apply this herbal pain relief oil. For FURUNCULAR OTITIS & OTITIS EXTERNA, put a drop of it in ears.
  • It will help drastically reduce the intake of painkillers & anti-inflammatory drugs and save them from their side effects.

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