Herbal Liver Tonic

Herbal Liver Tonic

The herbal liver tonic ‘Hepeto’ is widely demanded in the domestic and international market as there is no alternative available in terms of quality and effectiveness. In the manufacturing of the tonic, genuine grade herbs are used. The tonic is also packed conventionally to prevent contact with adulterants and changing climatic conditions buyers are also eased with the availability of the liver tonic at market leading prices. Moreover, Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is reputed as one of the supreme Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters of Hepeto Herbal Liver Tonic, based in India.

What Can Cause Liver Problems?

  • Drinking alcohol more than just enough
  • Exposure to certain chemicals or toxins
  • Diabetes
  • Injecting drugs using shared needles

These are some of the common things that cause liver damage and Hepeto Syrup is the only herbal solution that makes it easier for you to ease its symptoms and cure it. It is formulated from some rare herbs which increase its healing power and make it safe and effective to use.

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Know More About HEPETO

Liver is undoubtedly the most vital organ of the body as it is responsible for expelling and breaking down toxins entering the body. We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Herbal Liver Tonic that aids liver in expelling toxins out from the body.

The effective formulation of this tonic also helps in regeneration of damaged liver tissue, stimulation of bile production, and improved digestion. This tonic is also suitable to be used by patients with chronic conditions and who do not respond well to traditional medicine. We pack this tonic in food grade material to ensure longer shelf life. Our quality-centric further provides us a leading edge in the market. Our medicine is made up of naturally occurring substances. The ingredients help in improving the blood circulation of the body. This improved blood flow results in providing nourishment to the body cells which eventually results in improving the capacity of the liver. 


  • Contain No Chemicals
  • Manufactured with naturally occurring substances
  • Excellent healing power
  • No side effects

We are looking exporting of Herbal Liver Tonic.

Mozambique, Moldova, Curaçao, Aruba, Iceland, Bolivia, Latvia, Ecuador, Guinea, Grenada, Madagascar, Uruguay, Guyana, Macedonia, Djibouti, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Hong Kong, Namibia, Benin, Tajikistan, Monaco, Togo, Slovenia, Montserrat, Paraguay, Bahamas, Croatia, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, Kosovo, Gabon, Botswana, Niger, Saint Lucia, Peru, Montenegro, Malawi, Dominica, Albania, Bermuda, Rwanda, Singapore, Sint Maarten ,Anguilla, Liechtenstein, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Suriname Barbados, Burundi, Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Mauritania, Jordan, Belize, Burkina Faso, Jersey, Chile, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Malta, Senegal, Greenland, Venezuela, Zambia

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