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Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a name to depend upon when it comes to Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines. The company is popular in India and abroad for manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Medicines. Company has gained huge appreciation for delivering medicines that not only provide fast relief but are also free from side-effects. The list of medicines includes Herbal Pain Relief Oil (Sumod), Herbal Brain Tonic (Censton-F), Herbal Health Tonic (Balda), Herbal Digestive Medicine (Engypep), Herbal Liver Medicine (Hepeto & Asar), Herbal Energy Medicine (Himovit-C), Herbal Cholesterol Medicine (CR Capsule & BR Capsule), Herbal Cough Medicine (Eficaf), Herbal Dental Medicine (2TH Powder), and Herbal Diabetes Medicine (Dibi 12). We are one of the most staggering Manufacturers,Suppliers and Exporters of Ayurvedic Medicine and Herbal Medicine.The genuineness of the products and company can easily be stated with their ISO 9001-2008 and GMP Certification. The company has also carved a niche and also outpaced its toughest market competitors.

HISHIMO PHARMACEUTICALS was born in 1982. We started manufacturing high quality disposable medical aids like I.V., S.V., B.D., B.T. sets etc. In 1984 we visualized that herbal drugs (Indian alternative medicines ) are the in-thing and they have a very bright future. So we started conceiving the alternative drugs, which will have better potential in time to come. We started developing the formula and experimenting with them...



Why Aurved ( Ayurveda )
As per Aurved ( Ayurveda ) & the Indian Philosophy the universe is made of 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air & sky known as PANCH MAHABHOOT. All living beings are made of these five elements only. The Vat, Pitt & Cuf are the three principles, responsible for all the diseases are also made of the five elements and the things treating these are also made of these 5 elements. These five elements balance the action of each other either by supporting or by controlling the action of one another. Few of the principles of Aurved ( Ayurveda ) as per CHARAK are :

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Featured Ayurvedic Products

Brain Herbal Medicine
Tension, depression, insomnia, anxiety. Nervous breakdown, mental retardation, neuropathy including diabetic, neuritis, neuralgia, bell's palsy, hearing loss or problem, sciatica, herpes zos’ter. To reduce heaviness in head due to studies, general mental ability & to sharpen intellect. Enuresis, thumb sucking, attention deficit & hyper kinetic syndrome, delayed milestone & other behavioral disorders of children, loss of memory. Cerebral palsy with muscular stiffness & spasm, seizures, convulsion, epilepsy, hysteria, schizophrenia, demention, sciatica, temporary disability, parkinsonism, mongolism,addiction, as adjuvant with all anti-epileptic, anti-convulsant drug, high B.P.


 Gyne Herbal Medicine
Leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, D.U.B., P.M.S., oligomenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, viginitis, uterus involution, oophritis, menopause, infertility, debility & weakness, hypothyroidism. Mensus regulator. General debility, anaemia, pregnancy & lactation. Provide serum Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins & Trace Elements. Bring glow to face, reduce wrinkles, cure pimples, spots on face, improve complexion, prevent sagging of facial muscles.
 Child Care Herbal Medicine
Childern tonic, increase resistance power, constipation, Flatulance growth & development, digestion, appetite, health & happiness.General debility, loss of weight, weak digestion, under nourishment, to promote growth in children. Thumb sucking, bed wetting, delayed milestone & other behavioral disorders of children, mental retardation. To reduce heaviness in head due to studies, improves memory & general mental ability & to sharpen intellect.
Sexual Weakness Herbal Medicine
Potent aphrodisiac and tonic. Sexual weakness, early ejaculation, sperms related problems. General debility and weakness.
 Diabetes Herbal Medicine
Help reduce blood & urine sugar level, restore health & give happiness.
Heart Herbal Medicine
Reduce the blood clot in artry & clear thrombus. Cholesterol Reducer & arteries rigidity, vericos vein.
Health Care Herbal Medicine
General debility, loss of weight weak digestion, lethargy, under nourishment, to promote growth in children and help regain health in all age groups. Aphrodisiac. In Cancer as adjuvent. Complete food supplement, increase strength & power, give energy & feeling of well being. Natural anti-oxidant.

Musculoskeletal Herbal Medicine
Musculoskeletal pain & swelling, pain in joints,backache, arthritis, gout, haematoma. Dry eczema & other dry creations skin irruptions, nasal blockage & headache, herpes zos'ter. In arthritis, gout, osteo-arthritis. Aphrodisiac.
Dental Care Herbal Medicine
Keep the mouth germs free, give freshness feel, remove foul odor, prevent hot & cold sensation & dental decay. To cure; caries, bleeding, infection, pus, inflammation & pain. tighten & strengthen the gum & its hold on tooth.

Liver & Kidney Herbal Medicine
For expelling kidney and urinary stones & to prevent their formation, diuretic. Liver Protector, Corrector & Rejuvenator.
Hapatitis,Viral hepatitis, hepeto-cellular damage, catarrhal jaundice, cirrhosis of liver, prevents & corrects hepatic damage due to drugs: antibiotics: chemicals & alcohol, indigestion & flatulence. Stimulates appetite & growth.




Stomach Disorders Herbal Medicine
A G.I.T. tonic, improve appetite, increase digestive power, makes gastric passage smooth, allows gasses to pass freely, prevents distention, regulates acid secretion, improve bowl movement. Absorbs & neutralises excess acid in stomach, hence prevents & cures Ulcers. Checks quickly loose motions, checks nausea & vomiting. Helps in easing the bowl movement. Dewormer. Neutralise toxic efects produced by intestinal perasites.

About us

Hishimo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is primarily engaged as the Manufacturers,Exporters and Suppliers of Ayurvedic Medicine,Herbal Medicine,Herbal Cough Medicine,Herbal Energy Medicine,Herbal Cough Syrup,Herbal Energy Medicine,Herbal Health Tonic,Herbal Stress Relief Medicine,Herbal Digestive Medicine,Herbal Digestive Syrup,Herbal Digestive Capsules,Herbal Cough Capsules,Herbal Diabetes Medicine,Herbal Liver Medicine,Herbal Liver Tonic,Herbal Pain Relief Oil,Herbal Brain Tonic,Herbal Liver Capsule .Hishimo has earned huge reputation in International Market. Get quality Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines from India.


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